Employers need to play a significant role in combating the increasingly severe maternal health crisis in the U.S. Organizations across the country are recognizing that the traditional healthcare system is leaving birthing parents and their families behind, and they are taking steps to ensure their employees have the resources they need when starting and raising their families.

When expanding their digital family benefits ecosystem, leading companies are turning to Maven to offer end-to-end whole-person care to employees and their families. As the complete digital health solution for starting and raising families, Maven is uniquely positioned to drive outcomes and impact, improving the lives of working parents and lowering costs for employers. Here are stories from four companies who use Maven to support their employees and their families.


Interactive entertainment leader Zynga knew that their employees needed more support through the family-building journey, despite generous parental leave policies already in place. “I asked employees, 'What’s missing for you in our existing benefits program?’,” says Bryan Aycock, Director of Benefits at Zynga. “Over a dozen of them mentioned how they were dealing with fertility issues or family planning issues and having claims denied.” Aycock also realized that single female employees and LGBTQIA+ employees could not meet the requirement of an infertility diagnosis to qualify for fertility treatment reimbursement and needed help navigating the family-building process.

Zynga’s HR team identified Maven as the right solution for their needs, as it provided comprehensive support for the entire family journey, gave employees 24/7 accessibility, and supported employees’ unique paths to and through parenthood. After implementing Maven, Zynga’s maternal and infant health outcomes improved significantly while pregnancies increased by 83%. From 2019 to 2020, Zynga:

  • Reduced their C-section rate from 27.8% to 18.2%.
  • Reduced the average NICU length of stay from 10 to 4 days.

“The Maven program for us has been a win, win, win,” emphasizes Aycock. “We've seen lower costs and better health outcomes for employees and their families, so that they feel more healthy and productive. Based on the feedback we get, it's been a great experience for our employees.”

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Snap Inc.

A cutting-edge tech company with a predominately millennial workforce, Snap Inc. needed a family benefits solution that offered comprehensive, patient-first support on a modern platform. More than just a “package,” Snap Inc. was looking for a unified family benefits solution that highlighted their supportive culture, took the time to understand their unique challenges and population, and customized their offerings to match. Maven was a natural fit.

Maven helps Snap Inc. reinforce their family-friendly values and truly support working parents. Employees actively engage with Maven, utilizing the full platform and accessing all the digital health programs, including pregnancy, surrogacy, adoption, fertility, egg freezing, and partner tracks, as well as participating in webinars and monthly promotions. Since implementing Maven, Snap Inc. has seen:

  • 95% eligible employee enrollment
  • 100+ in-app touch points per member
  • 7+ provider interactions per member
  • 200% over target enrollment rate

“[Maven] is an exceptional benefit—so happy to see Snap Inc. doing this,” says one Snap Inc. employee. “Women’s health is so underfunded and under-supported out in the world and I love that my company is providing me financial assistance and other resources to achieve my ultimate goal of becoming a mom.”

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Digital media company BuzzFeed has built its brand on understanding what millennials want. Many of BuzzFeed’s employees are millennials themselves—between 23 and 38 years old, and beginning to plan for or start their families. As more employees considered becoming parents, they asked BuzzFeed’s HR team for best-in-class family benefits. To answer this call, BuzzFeed onboarded Maven because it offered global parity for their 17 international offices, a mobile app for easy access, inclusive support, and convenient, high-quality care. 

In just one year, Maven has become a critical resource for BuzzFeeders on any path to and through parenthood, providing high-touch care and specialized support for pregnancy, partners, adoption, surrogacy, loss and miscarriage, and return-to-work. BuzzFeed’s HR team has received glowing reviews from employees who highlight the value of Maven’s provider network—the largest of its kind in women’s and family health—and the importance of unlimited, on-demand access to critical types of holistic care providers directly on Maven. “The support I received from Maven has been life-changing,” says one BuzzFeed employee. Some highlights from the partnership include:

  • 600+ BuzzFeed employees are highly engaged with Maven
  • 1 in 3 interactions BuzzFeeders have with Maven happen between 6 PM and 8 AM, outside of standard doctor’s office hours
  • Since implementing Maven, BuzzFeed’s return-to-work rate is 94%, compared to the national average of 57%

“We’re entering into this murky world of parenting which is filled with so many questions,” explains Hannah Wilkowski, Global Benefits Manager at BuzzFeed. “We saw this as an opportunity to be frontrunners when it comes to supporting new parents in the workplace. Having a resource like Maven with benefits available to all individuals no matter where they are in their journey—that’s really important to us.”

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SoFi, which offers products designed to help people “reach financial independence to realize their ambitions,” recognized the need to expand their benefits for parents and families, especially for those struggling with fertility issues. “We already knew that fertility was impacting more of our employees than we realized, but our employees made it clear we needed to do more to support them,” says Debbie Westover, Senior Benefits Manager at SoFi. “There are so many emotional challenges that are involved in fertility treatments, so it wasn’t just a matter of adding fertility coverage through our medical benefit plan. Employees really need to know that they are not alone and there is support available.”

SoFi chose Maven because of the whole-person approach it offered, as well as its easy integrations with their other medical benefits. They also wanted a partner who could provide the high-tech experience their employees are accustomed to with the ease of use of a mobile app. At the same time, they loved that Maven’s app and providers offered personalization and emotional support that employees really needed. Since implementing Maven, SoFi has seen:

  • 4,500 member-provider interactions
  • 20+ specialities booked on Maven
  • 61% of all pregnant SoFi employees enrolling in Maven in their first trimester
  • Maven provider rating of 4.95/5 stars
  • Enrollments across all Maven programs: pregnancy, fertility, egg freezing, partners, loss, adoption, surrogacy, and breast milk shipping

“I think Maven has made a very meaningful impactful, and is a comprehensive solution for employees, no matter where they are in their parenting journey,” says Westover. “Maven isn’t just about the technology and the ease of use, it’s also the warm touch that is so vital when it comes to providing meaningful benefits and helping us stand apart from other workplaces. Having a benefits partner in Maven that helps us show our employees that SoFi truly cares is so extremely valuable.”

Read more about SoFi’s partnership with Maven

To learn more about how your employees can benefit from Maven’s complete digital health solution for starting and raising families, contact us today.

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