Menopause and
Ongoing Care

Reduce the stigma around hormone-related health and provide members with the care they need to thrive—at work and at home. 

An overlooked phase of life affecting
20% of today’s workforce

An estimated 1.3 million people become menopausal annually in the U.S alone. Despite its
far-reaching impact and symptoms that can last a decade, too often individuals don't get
the care and support they need.


of those who seek help for menopause symptoms don’t receive it

1 in 3

feel their healthcare provider is not knowledgable in discussing menopause


report that menopause interferes with work weekly


"Checkr is thrilled to partner with Maven Clinic on offering menopause support to our employees. Taking care of our employees at all stages of their lives is extraordinarily important to us. Adding this benefit for our employees continues our mission to provide inclusive and comprehensive care for all."

Megan Baker

Director of Payroll, Stock and 401(k) at Checkr

Expert care throughout the menopause journey

Maven fills gaps in care by helping members identify symptoms early and providing unlimited access to specialists, vetted content, and mental health support.

24/7/365 virtual access to
menopause specialists

Offer on-demand access to providers who specialize in menopause and related symptoms to guide members based on their unique needs.

menopause education

Empower members with trustworthy, clinically-sound information at their fingertips, including educational articles and live classes.

Dedicated mental
health support

Support members with mental health specialists who can address the multitude of anxiety and depression-related issues impacting menopausal people.

Mental health support
Mental health support


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