On January 20th, 2022, Maven hosted a webinar in partnership with SHRM and Snap Inc. to discuss how work has changed over the last two years. They talked through how Snap Inc. is reimagining employee benefits and workplace culture to support families through the uncertainty of today—and whatever comes next. Watch the recording here and check out the highlights below. 

People are building families differently, and need support to match

People are starting families later and more people are exploring alternative ways to build their families than ever before, including fertility treatments and adoption. Today, one in eight Americans is affected by infertility and three times more children are born via fertility treatments than a decade ago. More people are pursuing adoption as well, as a recent report found that 25% of American adults have considered adoption. 63% of same-sex couples planning families expect to use adoption or surrogacy services. 

“Families are looking different and their needs are different. It’s a good time to start thinking about what supporting them looks like,” says Karsten Vagner, Maven’s SVP of People. “In order to stay competitive in this talent market, more and more employers are considering adding family building benefits.”  

Health care for families is inadequate, expensive, and can lead to poor health outcomes

Although family building is changing, our healthcare system and our employee benefits are struggling to keep up. Prenatal care guidelines haven’t changed since 1930 and 50% of U.S. counties lack obstetric services. This lack of access is occurring in spite of healthcare becoming more and more expensive. Fertility treatments are cost-prohibitive for most—up to $60,000 for successful fertility treatment outcomes that typically are not covered by traditional health insurance plans. Even people with employer-sponsored healthcare are paying more out of pocket for maternity care as well, with costs rising above $5,000 for pregnancies. 

Employers are feeling this strain too, with a 50% increase in maternity costs in the past decade that now make up about 20% of employers’ overall healthcare costs. The pandemic has only further complicated the issue for working parents: with childcare and school closures, the majority of parents have had to change their childcare arrangements and don’t have permanent solutions. Working parents are at an increased risk for burnout, which can have devastating impacts on health and productivity.

Snap Inc. is offering aspiring parents and families more

A cutting-edge camera company with 6,000 employees, several offices around the world and an average age of 35, Snap Inc. was looking for a partner who could help them align their benefits to their values. “As our employees have families, we want to grow with them from a benefits perspective every step of the way,” explains Rahab Hammad, Snap Inc.’s Senior Manager of Benefits. Snap wanted innovative and user-friendly benefits that fit into their employees’ lives and offered meaningful support. 

Snap Inc. sought to find a solution that addressed gaps like access to care, benefits navigation, and care coordination, as well as offering inclusive options like fertility treatments, surrogacy, and adoption. With a primarily millennial workforce, they wanted to invest in supporting employees who were planning, building, and raising their families.

To address their needs, Snap Inc. introduced Maven’s Digital Family Health platform. Maven checked all of their boxes — offering support for every path to parenthood, continuous care throughout the entire journey, and a vast network of on-demand providers available around the clock and around the world. 

By offering an inclusive digital family health benefit, parents receive more support and better health outcomes

“Global parity is really important for us. Providing quality services that are available through the Maven network, it really just makes sense.”

Through Maven, Snap Inc. employees have access to dedicated care advocates, a care-matching option, and personalized educational content for every moment of the parenting journey. Since launching the program, they’ve seen high rates of utilization from both men and women: 52% of employees using Maven identify as male, and 16% are outside of the U.S. 

“The on-demand, global network is huge,” says Hammad. “Global parity is really important for us. Providing quality services that are available through the Maven network, it really just makes sense.” Members are meeting with more than 27 different types of providers, with many of the virtual care meetings outside of standard doctor office hours. This means members have access to care when they need it, any time day or night. Maven is filling a critical need for families and expecting parents during a time full of stressful and intense life transitions. “[We’re never going] back to normal, we’re transitioning to a new lifestyle,” says Hammad. “We’re reimagining how we support all of our team members.” 

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