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5.5x revenue growth: Data shows supporting working parents is good for business

The secret to the strongest businesses? They invest in working parents.

Why investing in parents as part of your Diversity, Equity & Inclusion strategy is better for business

Here are four key data points you need to know about parents, DEI, and burnout—from our new Parents at the Best Workplaces™ report.

Family benefits shouldn’t start with the birth of a baby: Top takeaways for your 2021 benefits strategy

From fertility coverage to return-to-work coaching after parental leave and support finding childcare, the Best Workplaces are investing in benefits that provide continuous care and holistic support for parents.

Health equity at work: Four thought leaders talk innovation in digital health

“Make sure you’re not spending money on programs that aren’t going to close gaps in coverage or make a real impact for your employees” and other key takeaways for bringing a health equity lens to your company

Nailing hard conversations on fertility, pregnancy, and parenthood: 5 tips for managers

Even before the pandemic, 43% of women leave the workforce within one year of having a baby, and replacing an employee costs employers up to 213% of that employee’s salary.

2020: The year of HR

Axios agrees: 2020 has proven—with crisis upon crisis—that strategic HR teams are not only essential, they are “a competitive advantage for companies across every sector”.

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