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Latest on pregnancy and COVID-19: What new CDC research tells us

In contrast to previous CDC data, the latest research reveals pregnant women were more likely to die of COVID-19: 1.5 per 1,000 symptomatic pregnant women died of COVID, compared to 1.2 per 1,000 non-pregnant women.

Finding a sense of calm: On motherhood with Jacobs Environmental Engineer Julia

New mom and Environmental Engineer Julia Schmidt is always on the run—literally. She’s working toward her personal goal of running a half marathon when she is 8-months postpartum. Her secret training tool? Maven!

Consistency through chaos: Q&A with Kaitlin, new mom and Director of Special Projects at Jacobs

Like many first-time moms, Kaitlin McCready likes to have as much information and resources to be able to plan for what she can control. But when she was six-and-a-half months pregnant, COVID-19 hit and forced her plans to change...

What we're reading on racism in healthcare and maternal outcomes

We stand with our Black team members, patients, providers, and community members—and against injustice, violence, and racism in America.

Turning to experts for tips on coping with grief and loss during COVID-19

“Not only are there disruptions to the daily flow of our lives, but stressful life events are continuing to unfold despite the presence of the pandemic...

Experts share tips for managing maternal mental health

For Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week, we focused our recent Ask Maven Anything live Q&A with experts on why managing mental and emotional well-being is so important for long-term health, plus tips to prioritize and check in on your...

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