A cutting-edge tech company with a predominately millennial workforce, Snap Inc. needed a family benefits solution that offered comprehensive, patient-first support on a modern platform. But their search for a one-stop shop was coming up short.

To truly project their family-friendly and innovative values, Snap Inc.’s family benefit must-haves included:

01 A benefits solution that is digitally modern, easy, and delightful to use

02 Patient-focused, on-demand support with white glove service

03 Comprehensive family benefit offerings, including back-to-work

04 Audience resonance and internal communication strategy synthesis

05 Seamless integration with existing carrier solutions


More than just a “package,” Snap Inc. needed a partner that offered a unified family benefits solution that reinforced their supportive culture, took the time to understand their unique challenges and population, and customized their offerings to match. Maven Maternity was a natural fit.

“We were founded as an app company, and for our employees app-based care is a natural health care experience. We found Maven to be the leading provider in this space.”

-Snap Inc.

Maven Maternity is at the forefront of care delivery and the leader in mobile-first, patient-centric healthcare. By offering on-demand access to over 1,000 women’s and family healthcare providers, as well as dedicated care coordinators who personally help users navigate their benefits, Maven Maternity eases the fears and anxieties of first-time parents while driving positive outcomes that keep employees happy, healthy, and productive.

From pregnancy to postpartum, Maven Maternity’s specialized support and resources help parents feel confident through every transition—including often overlooked support for pregnancy loss, postpartum depression, and transitioning back to work. Working closely with Snap Inc., we seamlessly integrated into their current offerings and customized communications to maximize engagement.


Maven Maternity helped Snap Inc. reinforce their family-friendly values and truly support working parents. Employees actively engage with Maven Maternity, utilizing the full platform and accessing all the digital health programs, including pregnancy, surrogacy, adoption, fertility, egg freezing, and partner tracks, as well as participating in webinars and monthly promotions.

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Engagement & Utilization


Eligible employee enrollment


In-app touch points per average member


Provider-member interactions per member


Fertility/Egg Freezing


Over target enrollment rate

The maternity program was so well-received by employees that Snap Inc. added Maven’s fertility programs, offering IVF/IUI and egg-freezing benefits, helping employees plan for their future as well as save through partnerships with fertility leading clinics.


“I met with my OB-GYN today and I always feel rushed there. I feel bad asking my questions! So glad to know that I have Maven's support.”

-Snap Inc. employee
“Liz (Maven coach) was so sweet and easy to talk to. I loved meeting with her. She made me feel much better about where I am in my life with life and all the crazy transitions!”

-Snap Inc. employee
“This is an exceptional benefit—so happy to see Snap Inc. doing this! Women’s health is so underfunded and under-supported out in the world and I love that my company is providing me financial assistance and other resources to achieve my ultimate goal of becoming a mom.”

-Snap Inc. employee

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