For nearly 50 years, pregnant people in the United States could legally access abortion services regardless of their location. During this time, reliable access to safe, legal abortions led to increases in educational attainment, labor force participation, and earnings for women.

The recent ruling announced by the Supreme Court overturned nearly 50 years of precedent, allowing states to legislate on access to and availability of abortion care at any point in a pregnancy. As people across the country grapple with the implications of having reduced or no access to abortion services in many states, employers and health plans are in a key position to fill in gaps in care left in the wake of the ruling.

Whether it’s covering out-of-state travel expenses to obtain medical care or providing access to options counseling and mental health support, there are actionable ways that employers and health plans can make a tangible difference as the country adjusts to this new normal—and Maven is here to help.

Maven’s offering to employers and health plans

As the leading digital family health platform, Maven is prepared to partner with employers and health plans around the country to provide support for people considering their pregnancy options, in accordance with state and local regulations. Maven’s digital platform provides care throughout the family journey, from preconception to parenthood, including options for those who wish to end their pregnancy. As Maven founder and CEO, Kate Ryder, describes it: “Maven was founded in 2014 to remove the barriers to accessing women’s and family healthcare, particularly full-spectrum reproductive healthcare, which remains deeply misunderstood and stigmatized in this country and around the world. Our mission has never felt more relevant or urgent than it does today.”

Employers and health plans can partner with Maven to offer pregnancy options counseling, expense management, and mental health support. Here’s how Maven can support your members and employees:

Pregnancy options counseling

There are a multitude of personal reasons why someone may choose to end their pregnancy. Maven’s “Pregnancy Options” support, which is part of our Maternity program, provides members with a safe space and helpful resources to consider their options, whether they choose to continue their pregnancy, end their pregnancy, or pursue adoption. Through Maven’s high-touch program, members receive:

  • Dedicated care advocacy: Maven’s Care Advocates serve as empathetic, knowledgeable guides for our members who accompany them throughout their journey on the platform. Members who indicate on our platform that they are interested in discussing options for their pregnancy will be matched with a Care Advocate who specializes in coaching individuals through those options, and who can connect them with the virtual and in-person care they need. 
  • Virtual access to specialists: All Maven members have on-demand access to our multilingual provider network of 30+ specialties and 350+ subspecialties, including OB-GYNs, midwives, adoption coaches, and more. Members seeking pregnancy options counseling can meet with providers same-day, from the safety of their home, for guidance on their options as a pregnant person. Some Maven providers may also be able to prescribe medication for abortion, depending on state laws. 
  • Clinically-developed content and community: As a part of Maven’s pregnancy options support, members have access to clinically-developed content about different pregnancy options. Examples include ‘What to expect in surgical vs. medication abortion approaches’ and ‘Navigating the costs of pregnancy termination’.

Expense management and reimbursement

Many people pay out-of-pocket for pregnancy terminations, with an average cost around $500. Those who now need to travel out-of-state to access these medical services will also have to pay more for travel and lodging expenses, in addition to taking time off from work.

Some employers are expanding their benefit programs to cover additional out-of-pocket medical expenses for employees so they are supported during these pivotal moments. Maven Wallet is a reimbursement management solution that allows employers to easily provide and administer financial support to their employees that incur medical expenses.

These expenses may include costs associated with maternity care and reproductive services, inclusive of pregnancy termination and out-of-state travel to obtain care. Maven Wallet also provides employees with the ability to easily manage expenses, check benefit balances, and see real-time expense status—all in one place.

Mental health support

Deciding whether to carry a pregnancy to term can be difficult for many people—and the impact of limiting abortion care can also have negative effects on the mental health of those that are pregnant. As members navigate the new healthcare landscape and debate pregnancy options, mental health support can be an impactful resource.

Through Maven, members can access dedicated mental health support when they need it by connecting virtually with mental health providers & counselors who can support them through a challenging time. Specialists are available 24/7, often within two hours, and can connect members to any additional in-person mental health care they may need.

Reimbursements for egg & embryo transportation

Fertility care may also be impacted by new laws passing in the wake of the recent court decision. In vitro fertilization (IVF) often requires multiple fertilized eggs or embryos, which are typically cryopreserved for potential future use. For the thousands of people undergoing fertility treatments, multiple embryos are harvested and stored. Of these embryos, many are discarded due to genetic abnormalities, people deciding their family is complete, and other factors. Some new state laws limiting abortion care have raised concerns about the legal status of fertilized embryos, meaning that people who choose to discard embryos during or after the IVF process could face legal repercussions in the future.

To protect employees who live in these states, some employers are covering the cost of transporting fertilized eggs and embryos to different states, which generally costs between $200-500. If covered by their employer, Maven members can use Maven Wallet to submit these expenses for reimbursement.

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Navigating the changing reproductive health landscape with Maven

Things are changing quickly as states set their levels of access to abortion care. Having a partner who stays up-to-date on reproductive health support in the U.S. and the world can be essential for health plans and employers. Maven is a key partner in navigating the changing reproductive health landscape, providing members evidence-based care and support. Our Care Advocates and providers offer empathic, holistic care, no matter what support our members need. For more information about how Maven can support your employees and members, contact us today.

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