By Kate Ryder, Founder and CEO, Maven

Today’s ruling from the Supreme Court is a devastating step back for healthcare in the United States.

Every major healthcare and medical organization agrees that abortion is a critical part of healthcare. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the guiding body for women’s health practitioners in the country, has said, “Abortion is an essential component of comprehensive medical care, and people need unimpeded access to the full spectrum of reproductive health care options.” Because women access abortion for a multitude of deeply personal or medical reasons, it is among the most common medical procedures in all of healthcare. Almost one in four American women have an abortion by the time they turn 45.

Now, access to that care will be eliminated for tens of millions of people across the United States, and today’s decision will put lives at risk. And we know the women our system has already made vulnerable — because of racism, poverty, or simply where they live — will pay the greatest price.

At Maven, we hoped for a different outcome, but we prepared for this one. Maven employees and providers have been working around the clock to adapt to this new world, offering a safe place for members to receive evidence-based care and support. Our members can continue to come to us for the full spectrum of their reproductive health needs including pregnancy options counseling, clinic navigation, and accessing medication in accordance with local regulations. Employers and health plans can also choose to reimburse their employees’ or members’ out-of-state travel costs through Maven Wallet.

Maven was founded in 2014 to remove the barriers to accessing women’s and family healthcare, particularly full-spectrum reproductive healthcare, which remains deeply misunderstood and stigmatized in this country and around the world. Our mission has never felt more relevant or urgent than it does today.

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