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With clinical guidance around COVID-19 changing rapidly, Maven launched a live Q&A series with women’s health experts to bring you the latest information and provide reliable answers to your questions. Join our weekly Instagram Live Q&As with Maven Providers where we’re covering a variety of topics that are top-of-mind for women and families: managing anxiety and uncertainty; birth planning; the latest clinical guidance for pregnancy, fertility, and pediatrics; breastfeeding; and more.

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Join us weekly on Wednesdays at 12pm ET // 9am PT for live Q&A and clinical briefings on our Instagram @mavenclinic with Dr. Jane van Dis, OB-GYN and Maven Medical Director, and Dr. Brian Levine, Reproductive Endocrinologist and CCRM-NY Founding Partner and Practice Director.

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Many people are grieving and experiencing different types of loss during this challenging time—loss of a loved one, a family member, a pregnancy, a job, a celebration. In this Ask Maven Anything live Q&A, experts address questions about navigating the many emotions that come with loss, strategies for coping with grief, checking in on mental health, and more. Watch the full conversation with Cynthia Coffelt, LCSW, MPH, Maven Mental Health Provider; Dr. Jane van Dis, OB-GYN and Maven Medical Director; and Dr. Brian Levine, Reproductive Endocrinologist and Founding Partner and Practice Director, CCRM NY.

Previous Ask Maven Anything live Q&As

May 7th live Q&A: For Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week, experts focused on why managing mental and emotional well-being is so important for long-term health, plus tips to prioritize and check in on your mental health during this crisis. We also talked through how to look for common perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, which impact 1 in 5 women, navigating uncertainty, and more questions that are top-of-mind for so many. Watch the full Q&A here.

April 30th live Q&A: Experts Dr. Jamie Hutton, Maven Pediatrician, and Dr. Jane van Dis, OB-GYN and Maven Medical Director, answer some of the questions we’ve been receiving most since the start of the pandemic around pediatrics, parenting, taking care of babies and kids, symptoms to look out for, and more. Watch the full Q&A here.

April 23rd live Q&A: For National Infertility Awareness Week, leading Reproductive Endocrinologist Dr. Brian Levine, founding partner and practice director of CCRM New York, answered questions on navigating fertility in the face of COVID-19, and shared more on the basics on fertility. Watch the full Q&A here.

April 16th live Q&A: Our members have been turning to us with their questions on navigating postpartum care, preparing for the postpartum period, and more. Watch the live Q&A here.

April 9th live Q&A: We focus on navigating anxiety and checking in on your mental health during this pandemic, and experts answer member questions on pregnancy, fertility, and more. Watch the 30-minute Q&A here.

April 2nd live Q&A: We discussed questions that are top-of-mind for women and families in light of COVID-19, including how to prepare for delivery with changing hospital policies, the latest from ASRM on fertility treatments, and more. Watch the full Q&A here.

March 27th live Q&A: Our panel of experts focused on mental health, helping pregnant women and mothers manage anxiety, changes to labor and delivery, new clinical studies on pregnant women with COVID-19, how fertility clinics are helping patients through telehealth, and more. Listen into the 30-minute segment here.

March 20th live Q&A: Experts answered some of the most common questions we’re receiving from members about how the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is impacting women and families. Here’s the full recording.

March 13th live Q&A: Our Founder and CEO, Kate Ryder, moderated a conversation about the latest clinical guidance about COVID-19 for women and families with Dr. Jane van Dis, Maven Medical Director and OB-GYN, and Dr. Brian Levine, Reproductive Endocrinologist and founding partner of CCRM. Watch the recording here.

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