Maven Clinic is proud to join the White House’s Maternal Health Day of Action, a nationwide call-to-action to both the public and private sectors to improve maternal health outcomes in the U.S. 

As part of our participation, we’re committing to expanding our free COVID-19 vaccination consultation service for the entirety of 2022: any pregnant person can meet with a Maven OB-GYN or Midwife who can answer their questions and concerns about vaccines and their pregnancy.

Turning the tide against the maternal health crisis

It’s never been more dangerous to become a mother in the U.S.: America has the highest maternal mortality rate of any wealthy nation in the world, more than double the rate of comparable developed countries. Maternal mortality rates are especially high for Black and Native American women, and women in rural communities as well. 

Dr. Neel Shah, chief medical officer of Maven, suggests that, “maternal health is a bellwether for societal health — when American moms are unwell, our country is unwell.” Kate Ryder, founder and CEO of Maven, believes it will “take an all-hands-on-deck approach” to turn the tide against the worsening maternal health crisis. “Changes at the margins aren’t enough to improve the health care experiences of people who are marginalized,” says Ryder.

The initiative led by the Biden-Harris administration features new commitments to support safe pregnancies and childbirth, and reduce complications and mortality in the year following birth. The commitments include encouraging states to  expand  postpartum coverage through Medicaid and the creating a new “Birthing-friendly” quality designation for hospitals.

Dr. Shah believes that partnerships between the public and private sectors are crucial to delivering compassionate and accessible care to American moms: “Together, we can build a better system that connects every mother and mother-to-be with the care and support they deserve, regardless of where they live or what they look like.”

Maven’s commitment to vaccine education

As the largest virtual clinic for women’s and family health, Maven has taken up the cause of improving vaccination rates among pregnant people. With only one in three pregnant people fully vaccinated against COVID-19, we recently launched a two-part education and advocacy initiative to raise awareness of the reasons that pregnant people choose not to be vaccinated and the steps healthcare providers, colleagues, family and friends can take to support pregnant people during the pandemic.

As part of the campaign, we commissioned a representative survey of 500 pregnant people in the United States, exploring the most influential factors guiding vaccine decision-making. The survey found that most pregnant people (61%) are unaware that the CDC recommends vaccines during pregnancy and that people are receiving misinformation from a broad array of sources, inclusive of family, friends, and even medical providers. 

Individuals who have questions about the vaccine can download the Maven app and use the code ASKMAVEN to consult with a provider. Women and families who have access to Maven through their employer or their health plan can book appointments with providers at no cost, and have the opportunity to connect with a provider who shares their identity or background.

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