We’re excited to announce the launch of Maven Planning, our newest program to fill critical gaps in women’s health, improve clinical outcomes, and reduce healthcare costs for employers. Maven Planning supports potential parents on every step of their journey into parenthood and reproductive wellness.

With Maven Planning, we’re reimagining preconception care for the next generation of parents. Millennials in particular need support prioritizing their own reproductive health while exploring diverse paths to parenthood. Studies show that making healthier lifestyle choices early on in the planning process can lead to significantly better health outcomes, while reducing the cost of pregnancy down the line. Many of the risk factors that can emerge during pregnancy can develop pre-pregnancy, so the sooner potential parents get the preconception care they need, the more dramatic the outcomes can be.

Here are a few key reasons why this matters:

  • 50% of U.S. counties don’t have an OB-GYN
  • 86% of women don’t receive preconception care during routine OB-GYN visits
  • 1/2 of pregnancies are unplanned, increasing risk of preterm birth and low birth weight babies
  • $1 invested in preconception care can yield up to $5 saved on infant and maternal health costs
  • One in three women report that they had to delay or cancel visiting a provider for reproductive health care, or had trouble getting their birth control because of COVID-19

Preconception care enables employees to identify and take charge of their health goals as they consider starting a family.

Fast Company spoke to Maven about the launch:

“Erik Lumer, Chief Product Officer at Maven Clinic, says that economic and health uncertainties are causing many women to delay their pregnancies. Still, he sees an opportunity for [Maven Planning] to help women navigate a change of course—from pursuing pregnancy to exploring birth control again. ‘For people that are not delaying, just what does it mean to manage in the best possible way?’ he says.”

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Maven Planning provides two clinical programs: one for those trying to get pregnant within the next 12 months, and one for those who want to maintain their overall wellness and reproductive health. Here’s how it works.

  • Members go through an onboarding clinical assessment and are then paired with a personalized Care Advocate.
  • By working with members to assess their goals and meet their needs, Maven Care Advocates will create a custom health plan and assemble a care team made up of expert providers from Maven’s virtual clinic.
  • Care teams for Maven Planning members provide holistic preconception care. One member’s personalized team may include an OB/GYN, nutritionist, career coach, mental health provider, and a fertility awareness specialist, among others.

The impact of preconception care through Maven Planning for your organization is simple.

  • Preventative behaviors reduce unintended pregnancies, preterm births, and unhealthy pregnancies—all of which contribute to outsized healthcare spending.
  • Guidance on how to conceive naturally lowers fertility costs. The average IVF cycle costs $23,000, and most couples will go through 2-3 cycles.
  • Better holistic health means more productive and focused work, less absenteeism, and overall improved wellness for your employees.

Find out more about how Maven Planning can fit into your benefits program today!

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