NEW YORK, April 20, 2023 -- Maven Clinic, the world's largest virtual clinic for women's and family health, today released findings from a study examining the current state of fertility patient care. Drawing on the sentiment of 500 women in the United States who pursued or considered fertility treatment, the report reveals that patients often lack critical financial, emotional, and clinical support throughout the fertility journey. 

Maven’s research comes on the heels of new data from the World Health Organization finding that one in six people globally experience infertility, making the need for holistic support that addresses the breadth of patient needs increasingly important. The findings offer healthcare and benefit decision makers the insights needed to better support patients through every potential stage in their fertility and family-building journey.

“Maven’s latest survey data reveals that for the millions around the world who experience infertility, the gaps in care are more like chasms, leaving them emotionally and financially vulnerable,” said Kate Ryder, Founder and CEO of Maven Clinic. “There is a clear business case for employers and payers to provide financial coverage as well as more holistic support across the full range of fertility and family-building experiences.” 

"Every person deserves an approach to care that provides a more empowering and efficient path to building a family," said Dr. Neel Shah, Chief Medical Officer of Maven. "Our research underscores how overwhelming the current care model has become, alongside the opportunities to provide more trustworthy and accessible support."

Every person deserves an approach to care that provides a more empowering and efficient path to building a family.

Key findings from the report

  • Nearly all women surveyed (97%) said they did not have all the information needed when first considering treatment, especially about all of the associated costs.
  • 65% of patients said that every time they visited a fertility clinic, they felt like they left with more questions than answers. 
  • Nearly half of women (47%) said the biggest question they face about their fertility treatment is the underlying cause of their fertility challenges. 43% said the biggest question they face is whether or not there are other treatment options available to them. 
  • More than 2 in 3 women (68%) with a spouse or partner say their partner is overlooked in discussions and decision-making about family building at least some of the time.
  • More than half of women (55%) said they didn’t know what was covered by their insurance or employer when they first considered fertility treatment. 
  • Nearly 90% of patients feel they would have had to cut back on expenses to pay for treatments. 51% would cut back on savings. 36% would cut back on everyday expenses, like groceries or transportation.
  • 81% of women say that the emotional stress of fertility treatment is equal to if not stronger than the financial stress of treatment. 
  • 97% of women said that offering fertility benefits would increase their desire to work for or stay with a company.  

Maven partners with over 500 global employers and health plans to deliver personalized and impactful fertility care that helps patients thrive while keeping costs contained. Maven offers the only product in the market that integrates an easy-to-use, inclusive benefit with evidence-based clinical support. Maven members have access to robust preconception care, helping 25% of family building members achieve pregnancy without fertility treatment; high quality, accessible clinics with transparent pricing and data; and 24/7 virtual support from specialists across mental health, nutrition, reproductive endocrinology and more. 

About Maven Clinic

Maven is the largest virtual clinic for women's and family health, offering continuous, holistic care for fertility and family building through maternity, parenting, pediatrics and menopause. Maven's award-winning digital programs are trusted by leading employers and health plans to reduce costs and drive better maternal health outcomes, as well as enhance DE&I in benefits programs. Founded in 2014 by CEO Kate Ryder, Maven has been recognized as one of Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies and has 15 million lives under management. Maven has raised $300 million in funding from leading investors including General Catalyst, Sequoia, Oak HC/FT, Dragoneer Investment Group and Lux Capital. To learn more about Maven, contact us today.

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