Introducing Maven Moments: stories from our members, our partners and clients, our providers, and our employees. We have a passionate team of individuals working together to build a better healthcare model for women and families around the world. Maven’s team is from a variety of different backgrounds, all with a shared connection to our mission—whether it’s our own paths to parenthood or fragmented experiences in the healthcare system or a desire to help fill gaps for women’s and family health. Stay tuned for more Maven Moments from our community.

“I had an idea of what the experience of having a baby would be like—and a lot of that was wonderful, but a lot of it was really hard.”

In our first Maven Moment, meet Katie Wallace, Maven’s Implementation Director, who loves playing a role in providing the care and support for parents that she felt was missing when her first daughter made her a mother. Katie’s journey with Maven has allowed her to make an impact leading conferences and events, and now in a new role working directly with our customers on the launch and rollout of Maven to their employees.

Here are 5 Questions with Katie.

1. Why women’s and family healthcare?

When my first daughter, Sadie, was born, my mom was living with stage 4 breast cancer. I came back to work at 12 weeks and at this point, my mother was very sick. It was hard. I was trying to adjust to life with an infant and being a working parent for the first time, while also caring for my mom and trying to make the most of that time together. I was lucky to have the support of family and friends, but there really wasn’t ever a time where I was alone or thinking about taking care of myself. I had an idea of what the experience of having a baby would be like and in reality, a lot of that was wonderful, but a lot of it was really hard. Through Maven, we’re providing the support for mothers and parents that I myself didn’t have. It makes me really take seriously the role that we play and really be honored to have that opportunity to help fill such an important need for others.

2. What is one lesson you have to share with other new parents who are going back to work?

This is a big transition. It’s like starting the most important new job of your life. In the beginning you are going to have a lot of questions and it’s going to take a lot of mental and physical energy to just get through the day. Nobody has it all figured out right out of the gate! Especially in those first few weeks and months, embrace help, let go of the little things, and go easy on yourself.

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3. Tell us about your role at Maven, how it has changed, and why you’re excited for your new challenge!

In my new role, I’ll be working with HR teams to help get their companies on-boarded with Maven. I previously managed events at Maven, and the best part of my day was when I could go to an event and talk about Maven with employers. Everyone has a story to tell about the rollercoaster ride of starting and growing a family—maybe it’s their story or a family member’s or a co-worker’s—and it’s a special moment when HR leaders connect with how Maven can help make that journey a little bit easier for their team members. In my new role, it’s my job to make the promise of Maven a reality for workforces around the world—how awesome is that!?

4. What’s the most surprising thing you’ve learned about women’s healthcare since joining Maven?

I had no idea just how many women aren’t even screened for postpartum depression or maternal mood disorders. And how many women are screened and diagnosed, but then never provided with follow-up care. There are so many women that are struggling, and that might happen during pregnancy, immediately after giving birth, or years later. So it’s not surprising to see that 1 in 3 members seek mental health support on Maven. I’m proud that Maven is able to help offer that kind of support.

5. What’s your favorite TV show at the moment and why?

I’ve been binge-watching “Nailed It” on Netflix any chance I get. The whole family loves it.  It’s so much fun to watch! I’m a disaster in the kitchen—my husband does all of our cooking—and my 4-year-old daughter really wants me to be on the show. She’s very encouraging, it’s so sweet.

“It’s my job to make the promise of Maven a reality for workforces around the world—how awesome is that!?”

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