By Mark Humphrey (he/him), SVP of Engineering 

At a time when the unmet need for women’s and family healthcare has never been greater, I’m proud to lead Maven’s engineering team. Simply put, there is a unique opportunity here for smart engineers to make an enormous impact.

Maven’s accessibility is night and day with status-quo healthcare. Just one in three first-time mothers have had a preventative care visit in the year leading up to birth, and nearly half of all births are unplanned. But Maven meets patients early, offers up reliable care and next best actions at critical moments, and stays with members from preconception, into parenting, and beyond. That kind of stickiness is what gives me conviction that Maven can drive meaningful change in one of the largest sectors of the economy that has yet to be transformed by technology. 

I am continuously impressed by the level of talent inside of Maven and the technical foundation we have in place that allows us to move fast for our members and our partners. And as I think about the long-term roadmap of our engineering org, three areas really stand out to me as areas where Maven has a unique opportunity to do something hugely valuable for patients and customers.

  1. Put patients in the driver’s seat of the digital health revolution. This is an incredibly joyful part of healthcare, one with universal reach (as our chief medical officer Neel Shah likes to say, we are all born) and the members we serve are ready and willing to engage with their care providers. Our engineering team has an amazing opportunity to build alongside our patients to help them thrive in this new, distributed world we’re all now a part of.
  1. Build a proactive care engine. Maven lives in our members’ pockets, which makes us perfectly positioned to identify risks early and connect our patients with support quickly. In many cases, that kind of care can be life-saving. It also helps to improve the efficiency of our healthcare system, which is growing at an unsustainable rate to nearly 20% of GDP. America spends twice as much per person on healthcare as peer countries, and yet we have the worst maternal health outcomes — and they’re getting worse every year.

  2. Create a highly scalable platform that is extensible to any area in healthcare. One of the things I really love about Maven is how customer obsessed the company is. In response to client and member demand, we’ve built the only complete solution in the space, with care, navigation, and payment functionality all in one platform. The engineering team's north star is to architect a platform that can be extended to meet any of our member's future healthcare needs, scaling to serve some of the largest partners in the industry.

Maven continues to invest in our technology and people, and we are hiring across all facets of our engineering org. For folks looking to tackle problems like these, check out our open roles at

We’re just getting started. 

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