2 out of 3 members seek care on Maven after they welcome their baby to the world.

The weeks and months following the arrival of a new baby can be overwhelming, exciting, emotional, and anxiety-inducing for new parents and their infant. There are countless questions and challenges popping up for parents at all hours. As they navigate their first weeks and months at home, our members are turning to Maven’s providers in our virtual clinic to seek the care they need most, including access to:

  • Lactation Consultants
  • Sleep Coaches
  • Mental Health Specialists
  • Career Coaches
  • Pediatricians
  • Breast Milk Shipping

Maven’s comprehensive care delivery model aims to fill gaps in postpartum care left by the traditional healthcare system. The on-demand, unlimited access to a variety of doctors and specialists that Maven provides makes all the difference for parents navigating their new, sleep-deprived reality once their baby enters the world.

As we dive deeper into exactly how our members are using Maven in the postpartum period, we see the value that Maven’s holistic care provides in terms of filling gaps in access and driving healthier outcomes for both new parents and their infants.

Why postpartum care matters

The postpartum period is a critical period of change and adjustment for new parents. Of course, once the baby arrives, attention shifts almost entirely to caring for and meeting the baby’s needs (and trying to decipher the meaning of their every coo or cry).

But postpartum care for new parents themselves—especially women who have carried and delivered a baby—is vital and often forgotten. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), many women who have given birth never attend a postpartum visit, which is problematic for long-term health outcomes; as ACOG states, “underutilization of postpartum care impedes management of chronic health conditions and access to effective contraception, which increases the risk of short interval pregnancy and preterm birth.”

As of its recent updated guidance published in 2018, ACOG recommends postpartum care that is both immediate—within the first three weeks postpartum—and ongoing for new mothers. It recommends holistic support that is emotional, physical, and mental and individualized to meet a woman’s needs— exactly what Maven provides.

Maven ensures that new parents are equipped with the information they need to navigate the so-called “fourth trimester” and beyond, and provides much-needed access to specialized care for themselves and for their new infant.

“According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), many women who have given birth never attend a postpartum visit, which is problematic for long-term health outcomes.”

Putting baby first with Maven’s specialists

Our data shows us what any new parent would already guess: our members are actively seeking care and guidance on Maven for their new baby—to complement and augment in-person care, as well as speak to specialists on-demand as soon as issues or questions arise. Here are two key ways that this plays out in terms of our member engagement.

Getting help from Lactation Consultants

In the month immediately following delivery, nearly half of member engagements in our virtual clinic are with Maven Lactation Consultants. Members continue to turn to Lactation Consultants throughout their postpartum journey, as they cope with the challenging physical and emotional demands of breastfeeding and pumping.

Why this matters: ACOG recommends breastfeeding for 6-12 months, as it helps babies get the ideal nutrition for healthy development and provides long-term health benefits for the mother: lowering the risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and postpartum depression. But, as any new parent knows, breastfeeding can be painful, time-consuming, and logistically challenging when it comes to pumping on-the-go. New moms have questions and need support while they are nursing, and there are major gaps in access to Lactation Consultants in terms of geography and cost, in part because traditional insurance carriers don’t cover this specialty. A video appointment with a Maven Lactation Consultant can make all the difference for a new mother navigating the complex world of breastfeeding and pumping, and provide helpful guidance on milk supply, latching issues, pain, mastitis, or other issues.

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Turning to Pediatric Sleep Coaches to help manage baby’s sleep

When a baby turns three or four months old, sleep regression often hits. Not surprisingly, this correlates to a spike in members using Maven around this time: 40% of engagements at three-months postpartum are with Maven Pediatric Sleep Coaches.  

Why this matters: Pediatric sleep coaches provide tips and guide new parents through sleep training, and address any sleep issues infants struggle with. By providing unlimited virtual access to sleep coaches, Maven meets members where they are, so they can talk to someone from the comfort of their baby’s nursery in the middle of the night. It also eliminates high out-of-pocket costs for new parents—as appointments with sleep coaches typically range from $300+ for virtual consultants through $7,500 for in-home training.

Improving access to care for new parents

“The fourth trimester is a vulnerable time for new moms, with many physical, anatomical, and hormonal changes, as well as new, and sometimes overwhelming, emotions in relation to caring for a newborn” - Jane van Dis, Maven’s Medical Director and OB-GYN

Our members tell us that Maven’s Care Advocates act as their gut-check, counselor, and personal trainer all-in-one—answering questions, anticipating needs, providing helpful tips and resources, and guiding them to the care they may not even realize they need at every step of their parenting journey.

After a member has their baby, their dedicated Care Advocate helps ensure that they are taking care of their own body and mind, too. They check in on new parents regularly and book appointments for them with providers in Maven’s virtual clinic based on clinical guidelines and individual needs—all the while helping to fill in gaps in access to postpartum care. As we look to our engagement data in the postpartum period, we see two key learnings about how Maven is providing value for a new parent’s well-being and long-term health.

Honing in on mental health

Mental health is critical for new parents in the postpartum period—and Maven is filling gaps in care, with our members engaging with Maven Mental Health Providers frequently after delivery throughout their postpartum journey.  

Why this matters: According to the Seleni Institute, as many as 1 in 5 new mothers in the United States suffer from postpartum anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, or (more rarely) postpartum psychosis. And data shows that between 5-10% of new fathers experience depression. But while these are extremely common, in a national survey Maven conducted of 700 new mothers, 54% said that they were never given the chance to discuss any mental health issues, as they were not screened during pre- and postnatal care. Mental health is a key piece of Maven’s holistic approach at any point in an individual’s journey—and we follow-through from screening to treatment. Our providers and Care Advocates ensure there is continuity of care on our platform so that a member has appointments with mental health providers in Maven’s virtual clinic when they need them.

Preparing for the transition back to work

Our data also reveals that members are turning to Maven Career Coaches to help them prepare for the return-to-work transition, and after they’re back at work adjusting to their new reality as working parents. The rate of member engagement with career coaches increases throughout the postpartum period—proving the critical role they play in this transition.

Why this matters: Becoming a parent is one of life’s biggest changes, and while access to parental leave allows for a great period with a new baby, when it comes time to transition back to work, there is increased pressure on parents to resume business as usual without acknowledging that this transition into working parenthood is a major adjustment. Maven’s Career Coaches help prepare new parents so they can return to work with confidence, and provide important tips and insights for parents to navigate challenging situations at work once they’re back—making all the difference for retaining new parents in the workforce.

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