How the world leader in orthopaedics puts patients and employees first

A world leader in the field of orthopaedics, Rothman Orthopaedic Institute’s team of physicians, researchers, clinic staff, and more perform approximately 17,000 hip and knee replacements each year, and count the Philadelphia Phillies, Eagles, and 76ers, as well as the Radio City Rockettes, among their patients. But it’s not just the star athletes that receive Rothman’s excellent standard of patient-centered care. The secret to their 50 years of growth? Putting their employees first. At the beginning of 2020, Rothman introduced Maven to fill gaps for employees starting or growing a family with personalized programs through Pregnancy, Adoption, Surrogacy, Postpartum, and Return-to-Work support.


Headquarters: Philadelphia, PA
Locations: 40 across 4 states
Total Employees: 1,500

We spoke with a trio of Rothman leaders—all parents and Maven members themselves—about the impact they’ve seen since implementing Maven, what they’re hearing from Rothman employees, and why they kicked off the new year by expanding their offering with Maven’s Parenting & Pediatrics program. 

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Tell us about why you were looking for family benefits to close gaps in care, and why you chose Maven for Rothman’s employees. 

Brenna Woods, Director of Human Resources: Rothman has always been very focused on patient care and outcomes, and our employee experience and engagement is very connected to that. As we’ve grown and continued to look for ways to serve our patients at a high level, we’ve also looked to serve our employees at a high level. We realized that we had some gaps, especially around resources for employees that were on the parenthood journey as well as for mental health support and other resources. Maven really checked all the boxes that we were looking for to bridge those gaps for our employees. 

Tiffany Gotis, Director of Operations: After I had my third baby, I saw Kate [Ryder, Maven’s Founder and CEO] speak about Maven at a conference. She started to talk about sleep coaches, and I remember thinking: “There’s such a thing as a sleep coach? Oh wow, I need a sleep coach!” Having additional support through Maven really has been a game changer for our employees. And what we’re seeing is it’s not just the women, it’s not just the moms, who are benefitting—t’s their entire families that are being impacted through Maven. 

Laura Kelly, Regional Manager: I was one of the first Rothman employees to sign up with Maven and I had just had my third child. It’s a great benefit for us to add for our employees, especially working parents, because we really need it! So many times with a new child, there’s something happening and you just have a question but you don’t want to call your doctor—being able to just login to your Maven app and get immediate answers from experts is such a great resource. 

What are you hearing from your employees about Maven’s impact? 

Brenna: I was a first-time mom on Maven myself, and it was incredibly helpful! We had an employee reach out to us prior to adding Maven letting us know that she struggled with postpartum depression and that she had a really hard time finding support. It was heartbreaking to hear that she had hit so many barriers that we know are out there in trying to get mental health support and resources. And it really highlighted how hard it is to get help when you’re struggling, especially as a parent—making it even more important for us to find a solution that integrated mental health support like Maven. 

This employee was pregnant with her second child when we had Maven in place, and she was a member. She reached back out to us and gave us such a positive, glowing review of Maven, of the resources it provided, and how she didn’t struggle as she had previously—she said she was in such a better place because of what Maven provides. This is just one of the examples of how much Maven has helped our employees. 

What has surprised you about the impact and engagement you’ve seen since launching Maven? 

Tiffany: Just like at any other big organization, our benefits are only as good as the people who use it. We launched Maven in January 2020, and it was great to see employee engagement, and then the whole world changed, very quickly. What surprised me is how many people continue to sign up for Maven without much internal communications from us. Word of mouth is so powerful at Rothman. Dr. Rothman’s vision and the principles he built our organization on are an incredible patient experience and word of mouth. And I think that’s why Maven and Rothman have such a strong partnership. We have the same values—we care about our employees in the same way that Maven cares about their members. 

Brenna: Yes, the word of mouth from employees and their experiences with Maven really surprised me; it shouldn’t have but it did!


Here’s how Rothman’s employees are engaging with Maven’s comprehensive care.

Employee touchpoints 

with Maven app, Care Team, virtual classes, and articles 

Member–Provider interactions

including video and messaging appointments

Pregnancy members enrolling in first or second trimester

helping identify risks early and improve outcomes 

5 out of 5 stars
Average Maven Provider rating


1. Mental Health Specialists
2. Lactation Consultants
3. OB-GYNs
4. Doulas/Childbirth Educators
5. Pediatricians

How did the pandemic shift your priorities, especially to expand your support to Rothman’s parents by adding Maven’s Parenting & Pediatrics program? 

Tiffany: Being pregnant and becoming a parent—whether it’s your first, third, or sixth child—is really hard. It’s amazing and it’s fun and it’s so many things, but it’s really hard. Then you add on the pandemic and it’s unfathomable. In speaking with some of our employees who have used Maven, they have really fared so much better through the pandemic. Not only did they feel connected and like they had a support system that they wouldn’t have otherwise had, without having any visitors like family or caregivers there with them. On Maven, you get a whole network of people who really get it, who are experts, and it feels like they’re navigating through it all with you. 

You have such a diverse employee population with physicians, researchers, clinic staff, managers, and more across four states. How has Maven reached and engaged your diverse employees? 

Brenna: We need benefits partners that have a seamless technology platform like Maven, which is not only user-friendly but can deliver care and support to our employees in so many different ways. Maven really leaves it up to the user based on how they want to use the platform, and how they’re comfortable getting support and resources. Maven makes healthcare accessible, and it’s a much more positive experience for our employees. And no matter what state our employees are in, they have the same access as anyone else, which is key. 

Tiffany: And the technology works! It doesn’t take effort, because it works the way that you intuitively think it’s going to work. That’s why our employees love Maven’s product.

How do you describe Maven’s impact on Rothman and your employees? 

Laura: Maven is a great resource for our employees. Especially as we expand into new markets and grow, it really helps in attracting new talent and it keeps Rothman top-of-mind in the job market, which is so important. 

Brenna: The access to so many specialists and resources helps our employees through becoming parents, and it also helps them plan how to come back to work, too. That’s such a big piece of it. A lot of times, we had employees that just wouldn’t come back from leave because they felt like they didn’t have the ability to balance now being a parent with work. Being a first-time mom and thinking about going back to work after having my baby, it was stressful—and I was in a position to know a lot more about my resources than the average employee. And I still had some challenges. Maven provides career coaching and resources to our employees, which is huge to not only help them during their time off, but also in preparing for and getting through their return to work. It’s making such an impact on our employees. 

What would you tell fellow benefits and HR leaders about Maven? 

Brenna: It’s 100% worth it. The real value is in the resources and support Maven gives your employees, and they really appreciate it. 

Tiffany: Maven has pushed our organization to think differently about how to fully support our employees. Maven has allowed us to go along on a journey with our employees, and there’s data that shows that it works—in fact, they provide data and information that makes us better at our jobs. Maven works the way you want it to work, the technology works, and the support and impact for your organization and your employees is proven with data.

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