Kate Ryder, Maven Founder and CEO, sat down to discuss the future of healthcare—and why it might be different than we ever imagined—with the writers at Quartz. Kate gave insight into “the new normal,” and why COVID-19 has brought lasting innovations to healthcare delivery, access to care, and the patient journey, all through mass adoption of telemedicine.

This was produced as part of Quartz’s special coverage on The New Normal, featuring thought leaders from  industries ranging from health and tech to food and media, including Adam Grant, Ian Bremmer, Esther Choo, and others.

Here’s what Kate shares:

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The last few months have been truly transformative. At the height of the pandemic, 85% of appointments were being done via telemedicine. In just the past few months, consumer adoption has skyrocketed, with 46% of consumers using telehealth, up from 11% the year before. Provider adoption has also increased dramatically: A survey released in April found that close to half of doctors are now using telehealth to treat patients, up from 18% two years ago. Market research firm Forrester predicts that virtual healthcare visits are on pace to top more than 1 billion by year’s end. At Maven, telemedicine utilization has been up 50% across the board, and we’ve seen significant demand for specialties like mental health, where visits have been up 300%. We’ve also seen some promising efforts to improve telehealth coverage and reimbursement, as Medicare and Medicaid have agreed to pay for virtual visits at the same rate as in-person visits for the duration of the pandemic (and hopefully beyond).

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