There are many different paths to parenthood, and no two journeys look quite the same.

With Father’s day fast approaching, we’d like to call attention to the dads on Maven to highlight their role in the parenting journey, whether they’re in heterosexual couples, same-sex couples, or single dads. In fact, over 30% of Maven members identify as male.

Maven offers digital care for dads at any stage in the journey, whether they’re pursuing fertility treatments, supporting their partner during pregnancy, or caring for their children. The most commonly booked appointments for men on Maven include:

  • Mental health providers
  • Career coaches
  • Adoption and surrogacy coaches
  • Fertility specialists
  • Hormone therapists
  • Pediatricians
  • Parenting coaches

In the current care model, dads don’t have access to nearly as much support as they need, especially in nontraditional family structures. This has far-reaching consequences for their ability to conceive, the physical health of their baby, and the stability of their relationship. For organizations, that can mean excess healthcare costs and unproductive employees. Let’s dive into some of the common ways Maven helps dads and improves outcomes for all.

"Maven helped me be a better partner during pregnancy and as we plan for the baby to come.” - Saurabh, Maven member

Male factor infertility

Infertility, defined as being unable to conceive after a year or more of unprotected sex, affects up to 15% of couples annually — and between 40 and 50% of these cases are due to male factor infertility. According to Dr. Brian Levine, a reproductive endocrinologist and Maven provider, “Father’s Day can be a painful time of year for many men who are at various stages of their fertility journeys: struggling to be dads, forever trying to grow their families, or simply unclear why they haven’t been able to achieve their dream of celebrating Father’s Day.”

Maven’s fertility track is applicable to both men and women, offering continuous care from planning to postpartum. Our dedicated Care Advocates can coordinate care for men, referring them to high-quality partner clinics, as well as providers on the Maven platform covering over 30 different specialties, including reproductive endocrinologists, nutritionists, and mental health providers, to help them achieve their fertility goals.

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Mental health treatment

Between nine and ten percent of American men experience depression each year, and although much of the dialogue around postpartum depression (PPD) centers on mothers, new dads are subject to PPD as well. Estimates suggest that between 4 and 25% of dads experience depressive symptoms within two months of delivery. Men often face stigma when seeking mental health treatment, and untreated mental illness costs the U.S. $113 billion annually. For dads, that can mean worse outcomes for their families, their children, and even their employers.

With Maven, dads at any stage in their journey can seek mental health support, parenting advice, and counseling through our provider network. Our Care Advocates are trained to support dads and guide them through the process. And through our philosophy of care matching, Care Advocates can build a team of providers that understands their unique needs and situations, including race, background, and sexual orientation. 

Parenting advice and support

During the pandemic, parents reported extreme levels of stress and burnout as a result of expanded childcare responsibilities alongside working from home. There was no playbook for how to manage remote school and remote work, all with little to no support. But even before the pandemic, parenting was never easy. And for dads, learning all the things necessary to support their partners and raise their children successfully was dependent on the resources they had available, and subject to the stigma and social structures surrounding fatherhood. Consequently, 52% of dads report difficulties balancing work and parenting.

Through Maven’s Maternity and Parenting and Pediatrics tracks, dads can receive parental coaching, career coaching, lactation support (which is especially helpful for single dads), and infant sleep coaching, in addition to clinically vetted content and an engaged community of parents on the platform.

Saurabh, a Maven member and first time dad, used Maven to help him understand what his wife was going through, and learn how to be a better partner and father. “Maven gave me more confidence in the process and the right information from experts that has been really helpful and easy to understand. Maven helped me be a better partner during pregnancy and as we plan for the baby to come.”

To find out how Maven can help the dads in your organization, request a demo today.

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