“Maven takes care of my entire holistic body and mind. And I love that!”

Starting a family is one of the most amazing things you’ll ever do—but it’s also one of the hardest. With her extended family miles away, new mom Maria found herself in need of a new “village”.

Maria was 34 weeks pregnant with her first child when her company—a global Fortune 50 company—introduced Maven to support and fill gaps in care for employees on any path to parenthood, through on-demand access to top clinical, behavioral, and wellness providers in Maven’s virtual clinic, plus helpful content and community forums.

Eager to talk with someone and ask questions about her pregnancy, Maria enrolled and began her journey with Maven in her first video appointment with her Care Advocate, Ann.

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“Ann is my Care Advocate, and I had no idea that someone deserved one,” Maria shares.

Maven, and Ann, quickly became a trusted resource for Maria. She turned to Maven’s virtual clinic for 24/7 care throughout her pregnancy, postpartum, and return-to-work. As a Maven member, she was able to book video and messaging appointments on-demand with providers in Maven’s network like lactation consultants, mental health specialists, career coaches, or OB-GYNs.

“I would say Maven is the foundation of my village,” says Maria.

Now back at work full-time with a healthy baby boy, Maria continues to rely on Maven as she adjusts to working parenthood—and her husband is using Maven, too.

“I would say Maven is the foundation of my village.”

Members like Maria are why we do what we do and why we’re working to transform family benefits and improve maternal outcomes with Maven.

Maria’s powerful story is just one of many that show how much employees love Maven, and how Maven not only improves access, experiences, and outcomes for members, but also lowers costs and drives retention for employers.

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