By Alison Pickover, Principal Research Scientist, Maven

Last month, Maven’s Clinical Research and Outcomes Team presented a poster at the 2021 American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) Annual Clinical and Scientific Meeting. The poster, Preliminary evidence for the clinical effectiveness of adjunctive prenatal telehealthcare, examined delivery outcomes among a sample of more than one thousand women who used Maven’s maternity program in 2019.

The Findings

The Team found that members who enrolled in Maven’s maternity program earlier in their pregnancies were less likely than those who enrolled later to have a cesarean delivery. In fact, the cesarean delivery rate was 30% lower among Maven’s early enrollers. Earlier enrollment even predicted lower odds of a cesarean delivery after accounting for relevant factors like age and BMI. 

Similarly, Maven’s Clinical Research and Outcomes Team found lower NICU admission rates among members who enrolled earlier in the pregnancy program. The NICU admission rate was 29% lower among Maven’s early enrollers than among late enrollers.

The take-away: The data suggest that supplemental digital healthcare programs like Maven’s help reduce cesarean deliveries and NICU admissions. The impact of these programs may come from their ability to provide women developmentally-tailored, evidence-based information early in pregnancy. 

The ACOG Conference

Every year, physicians, practitioners, researchers, and trainees gather for ACOG’s Annual Clinical and Scientific Meeting to learn from experts in the fields of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Conference attendees come from across the US and the international community to present groundbreaking research and discuss innovation in practice and policy. While the gathering was virtual this year, there was no shortage of engaging symposiums, panel discussions, and poster presentations. The theme of the conference was Personalizing Care: A Way to the Future. Like our work at Maven, the conference highlighted how patient care can be enhanced when providers and healthcare systems embrace a member-centric, personalized approach. 

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Personalized Care at Maven

Maven’s novel care model is grounded in an innovative approach that prioritizes continuous, holistic care. Personalization is a key part of that model, from member-centric support systems, to developmentally-tailored content, to unique programming and specialty care. Every Maven member is paired with a dedicated Care Advocate who expertly guides them on their path to parenthood, offering support and acclimating them to Maven’s model from Day 1. Care Advocates lead members to the resources they need, including providers and coaches within Maven’s network. They are also equipped to provide referrals to high-quality, local, in-person care. 

Care Advocates help create continuity of care, as do other unique functions within Maven’s maternity program. For example, members have the ability to meet with and message trusted Maven providers throughout pregnancy and the postpartum period. Providers meet members’ idiosyncratic needs and respond with compassion when members encounter unexpected events and experience stress. Educational content is provided in multiple formats, including in Maven’s birth planning appointments. These highly-valued appointments help members thoughtfully consider delivery options and advocate for their preferences. Additional personalized educational content is provided asynchronously to ensure that critical information is delivered at key milestones to promote mom and baby’s health. Virtual classes, seminars, and live Q&As round out Maven’s popular set of offerings. At each step of the way, meeting members’ medical, emotional, and professional needs is top priority.

What’s next?

At Maven, we’re already working on new research studies to determine the most effective elements of digital healthcare programs for moms and moms-to-be! We’ve implemented a host of new features for personalized care, and we’re excited to apply new insights from our time attending ACOG. Stay tuned for more announcements from our Clinical Research and Outcomes Team in the coming months, and see you next year at ACOG’s Annual Meeting in sunny San Diego!

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