On Wednesday, Maven announced our $45 Million Series C—one of the largest funding rounds in the history of women’s and family healthcare. We also introduced our latest product innovation, Maven Wallet, to manage an employer’s fertility, egg freezing, adoption, or surrogacy benefits and an employee’s receipts and reimbursement process. We’re thrilled by all of the support and congratulatory words we’ve received, and humbled by the media attention. Before the week ends, we’re excited to share just a few media highlights.


Maven raises a $45 Million Series C—one of the largest funding rounds for a female-led women’s healthcare company

“If you don’t help women and babies at the start of life, how do you build a functional healthcare system? It’s not just a niche, it’s actually the core,” Maven’s Founder & CEO, Kate Ryder, told Forbes in their feature on our fundraise announcement and what it means for the future of women’s and family health.


Maven is expanding to help employees use their fertility benefits

“This year, the company introduced Maven Wallet to manage an employer’s fertility or adoption benefits by allowing workers to use the platform to pay for services that can be costly.” Bloomberg highlighted our latest product, Maven Wallet, which helps employers manage fertility, egg freezing, adoption, or surrogacy benefits, and facilitates reimbursements for employees while guiding them to the highest-quality providers and clinics to lower costs and improve outcomes.


Expanding its women’s health benefits offerings for employers, Maven raises $45 million

“With its virtual care and services, Maven is changing how global employers support working families by focusing on improving maternal outcomes, reducing medical costs, retaining more women in the workplace, and ultimately supporting every pathway to parenthood,” Tom Mawhinney, lead investor from Icon Ventures, shared in TechCrunch’s feature on our Series C.


Maven scores $45M series C with 23andMe’s Wojcicki, A-list actors as investors

“Only a few women’s health startups have made it to a series C round,” FierceHealthcare called out in their feature on Maven’s announcement, pointing to the importance of our “end-to-end support in areas including preconception, egg freezing, IVF/IUI, adoption, surrogacy, pregnancy, postpartum, early pediatrics, return-to-work, and breast milk shipping”. Maven was named to FierceHealthcare’s Fierce 15 2020 list in January.

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Female Founders Fund Blog

Maven Clinic raises $45M Series C to accelerate women’s access to healthcare

“Even though healthcare is a primarily female market (women drive 80% of the decision making) it wasn’t built to support women, especially women in the workforce.” Kate Ryder, Maven’s Founder & CEO, sat down with our investors, Female Founders Fund, to discuss how the women’s healthcare landscape has changed, the value of persistence, and what’s next for Maven in this new stage of growth.

“If you don’t help women and babies at the start of life, how do you build a functional healthcare system? It’s not just a niche, it’s actually the core.”


Maven lands $45M Series C with Mindy Kaling, Reese Witherspoon as investors

In its feature on our announcement, Crunchbase highlights that we’re hiring employees “across the board, but especially within engineering and clinical research”. It’s true! Checkout our open positions and join us on our mission to change women’s and family healthcare.


Maven looks to ‘double down’ on health access for women and families

“You don’t have to be a woman to care about women’s health!” Karsten Vagner, Maven’s VP of People, spoke with Cheddar live from their studio in the NYSE about our team, our values, our product, and our plans for the future.

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