As the COVID-19 crisis continues evolving rapidly, bringing with it changes and challenges for healthcare, we’re speaking with women’s health experts in our weekly Ask Maven Anything live Q&A series. We’ll speak with Maven providers about questions we’re receiving from our members and the latest clinical guidance and what it means for pregnancy, fertility, pediatrics, and more. Join our next virtual roundtable live on Thursday, April 2nd at 1:30p ET//10a PT.

Our latest Ask Maven Anything Q&A on March 27th focused on mental health, helping pregnant women and mothers manage anxiety, changes to labor and delivery, new clinical studies on pregnant women with COVID-19, how fertility clinics are helping patients through telehealth, and more.

Some of the questions discussed include:

  • Are women who are pregnant and experiencing anxiety more likely to get postpartum depression?
  • Should women be concerned that their primary OB-GYNs will be diverted from delivery to the ICU, ER, or elsewhere?
  • How has the patient experience changed for fertility treatments?

“I’ve been helping pregnant women manage their increased anxiety, sadness, anger, and frustration around COVID-19 and what this is going to mean for their birth, and even postpartum,” said Meaghan Sherman, licensed therapist and Maven Mental Health Provider. “I’m also seeing a lot of working moms transitioning to working from home without childcare and working through other dynamics as well.”

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