In an era of benefits consolidation and digital health innovation, Maven views strategic partners as a critical tool to extend our reach and impact to as many women and families as possible. To support that vision, Maven has partnered with leading consumer activation platform, Welltok, and joined its curated and pre-integrated Connect Partner Ecosystem. 

This new partnership will make it easier for Welltok’s employer and health plan clients to integrate Maven into their benefits platform, adding a critical layer of support for women and families embarking on the journey of starting a family, without adding administrative burden. Maven also helps employers achieve some of their biggest goals: lowering healthcare costs and attracting and retaining the best talent. With maternity and newborn costs driving some of the highest costs in healthcare and 43% of new moms leaving their jobs within a year of having a baby, we know that supporting families is not only the right thing to do but also has a bottom line impact.

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“The start of life and beginning of a family is a critical inflection point — not only for child, parent and family, but for the healthcare system as a whole — and it’s time we start treating it that way,” said Maven Chief Commercial Officer Sonia Millsom in Welltok’s press release announcing our partnership. “Through Maven, employers and health plans can offer continuous, holistic care from the time a person is thinking about having children through pregnancy into the first decade of parenting. We look forward to introducing Maven to Welltok clients and the many women and families who urgently need more support.”

Through Welltok’s Connect Partner Ecosystem, employers and health plans have access to over 50 programs and resources that cover the full spectrum of wellbeing. These hand-selected partners are pre-integrated into Welltok’s Total Wellbeing solution, making it easy for clients to launch programs that specifically meet the needs of their populations, and engage them in driving the actions that matter - whether it’s getting a vaccine, scheduling an appointment with a doctor or selecting insurance coverage.

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