Kevan is a first-time mother working on the customer success team at a robotic surgery technology company. She joined Maven after attending a pregnancy benefits meeting held by her company, signing up during the second trimester of her pregnancy. 

Although she initially joined just to learn more about it, she quickly realized Maven’s value when her Care Advocate explained the breadth and depth of the care she could receive through the platform. Through Maven, she was able to receive the support she needed, when she needed it, without any hoops to jump through or additional costs.

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Comfort and care at the touch of a button

Being in her second trimester, Kevan first met with a virtual Doula and an OB-GYN to learn more about the birthing process and her options. The Doula, “was so informative,” said Kevan. “We went through the different phases of labor, and she gave me some tips and ideas about how to make myself comfortable. She even gave me some ideas as to what I could do now, like buying an exercise ball to bounce on when my hips were tight.” 

When Kevan met with an OB-GYN, she found that it was helpful both for her and her partner. They went through her birthing plan with helpful, compassionate explanations that help Kevan set her expectations appropriately, while reminding her of additional aspects to consider when she was in labor. “I understood that nothing was going to be perfect, but it put me at ease to know what to expect and when. It was a good opportunity to [meet with them] from the comfort of my own home.

What impressed Kevan the most, though, was how quickly she could access care and information of this quality. With an average turnaround time of just over an hour, and providers spanning over 30 different family health specialties, Kevan used Maven to meet with providers specializing in areas “I didn’t even know existed.” “The variety of providers at my fingertips made it easy to find exactly what I needed by just scrolling. Going in-person, I don’t know the providers in my area, I’d have to ask my pediatrician and maybe get a reference.”

Postpartum support and advice

Studies show that almost two-thirds of moms have trouble breastfeeding. After experiencing latching issues while breastfeeding, she sought the advice of a Maven Lactation Consultant for some best practices and advice. Kevan felt the exhaustion that many new moms felt, waking up every few hours to feed while trying to maintain a sense of normalcy. To Kevan, “it was good to have someone to reach out to when you’re so confused and so tired, just to have someone to talk to at night. I was having trouble and the Lactation Consultant was available in an hour.”

At one point, her son experienced a bout of thrush, a fungal infection of the mouth. Because it was a Saturday, Kevan would have to wait to see her son’s pediatrician and travel for a checkup and prescription. Instead of waiting, she logged onto Maven and booked an appointment with a physician within the hour. “Parenting is full of so many little issues. Being able to get help within an hour...It can relieve a lot of the anxiety you have around any issue that may arise,” said Kevan. 

“It makes you feel okay to be pregnant”

Working moms face a series of competing priorities and expectations. Taking care of their newborn child, themselves, their relationship, and returning to work are difficult to juggle all at once. Giving birth in the new normal adds yet another layer of stress and complexity. To Kevan, the convenience and availability of Maven helped reduce that stress significantly. 

“When you don’t have to bring a little one out, or you can make a phone call while they’re asleep, it really does help. It helped me transition my son to bottles or prepare him for the day during daycare.”

Maven has also helped Kevan feel better about going back to work, and about her employer. “I’m very fortunate to be a part of a company that shows your life is as important as your work,” says Kevan. “Showing that your life outside of work hours matters is huge. It makes you feel okay to be pregnant... some places don’t give you any maternity leave or any other help.”

For the millions of women who left work in the past year, increased childcare responsibilities has been one of the major contributing factors to their stress. When employers take steps to reduce the stress related to motherhood, they can improve retention and loyalty among working parents while advancing their DE&I goals. 

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