“Not only are there disruptions to the daily flow of our lives, but stressful life events are continuing to unfold despite the presence of the pandemic. Many are caring for elderly family members and children, have loved ones who are dealing with chronic or life-threatening illnesses, have suffered pregnancy loss or cancelation of fertility treatments, and are struggling with employment or financial strain,” explains Cynthia Coffelt, LCSW, MPH, and Maven Mental Health Provider. “Any one of these stressors is enough to trigger grief response, let alone managing several.”

Many people are grieving and experiencing different types of loss during this challenging time—loss of a loved one, a family member, a pregnancy, a job, a celebration. In this Ask Maven Anything live Q&A, experts addressed questions about navigating the many emotions that come with loss, strategies for coping with grief, checking in on mental health during this time, and more.

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