What do global life sciences conglomerate Danaher Corporation and financial tech startup SoFi have in common? They’ve both trusted Maven to provide family benefits and personalized virtual care to their employees. 

Danaher’s Health & Welfare Benefits Manager Amy Broghammer and SoFi’s Director of Benefits Debbie Westover joined Maven’s Founder and CEO Kate Ryder on the virtual stage at The Conference Board Maternity to Elder Care event to talk boosting employee engagement, finding the right benefits partners aligned with company values and business priorities, and more.

If you missed out on the live Conference Board event, we’ve got you covered: Watch the full recording of their conversation, and checkout our three key takeaways below.

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Here are our three key takeaways from these benefits thought leaders.  

1. With fertility and maternity benefits together, 1+1=3. 

Best-in-class companies are recognizing that fertility benefits need to go beyond traditional medical plan coverage with holistic support, which Amy and Debbie called out in the conversation. 

“Through Maven, we’re able to guide our associates to Reproductive Endocrinologists and Fertility Clinics. And they’re getting full wellness support related to fertility like help managing their nutrition or mental health support through their journey because it can be a really long one. Our associate engagement with Maven’s Fertility program proves that employees need so much more support than just a medical benefit.” - Amy Broghammer

As Amy points out, infertility can be a long journey—and if a couple is successful, it ends with a pregnancy, which is the beginning of another medical and emotional journey. Any pregnancy that results from fertility treatment is considered high-risk by definition, and that employee is more likely to experience complications, such as preterm birth resulting in NICU admission or a C-section, which are often the #1 or #2 drivers of overall healthcare spend for employers. Providing continued support and specialized care throughout fertility and pregnancy helps employees experience healthy pregnancies, and helps employers keep their medical costs down and retain their diverse talent all the way through their return-to-work after parental leave. 

2. Impact requires real-time access to real people and care coordination

Our experiences as consumers have trained us to expect everything on-demand, and that includes employees’ expectations of their health benefits. In our virtual clinic, Maven has average appointment wait-times under 30 minutes across all types of specialists, including provider types with weeks-long waitlists for in-person appointments. 

With Care Advocates available 24/7, we’re providing critical support and answers to your employees when they need them most: in the middle of the night when they’re 12 weeks pregnant and want to talk to a doctor about a pain keeping them up, or in the middle of the day when they’re having trouble pumping breast milk and just need to talk through it with an expert so it’s not disrupting their work day.

For employees at SoFi and Danaher, Maven’s human touch makes all the difference.

Top 5 provider types employees enrolled in Maven Maternity program are booking appointments with

Danaher SoFi
1. Doula & Childbirth Educator 1. Mental Health Provider
2. Mental Health Provider 2. OB-GYN
3. Physical Therapist 3. Doula & Childbirth Educator
4. Lactation Consultant 4. Lactation Consultant
5. OB-GYN 5. Nutritionist

“We needed to have one partner that would be able to support the uniqueness of each employees’ parenting journey, and we needed that warm touch with the personalization and emotional support that we found with Maven. When we were still in the office, I had a male employee stop me in the elevator and tell me his wife was up struggling with breastfeeding in the middle of the night, and they called Maven and got a Lactation Consultant who was able to help them immediately and provided very real, impactful advice,” shared Debbie Westover. 

Amy shared a powerful story of how Maven’s personalized, high-touch approach helped to drive a better outcome for one Danaher associate: “One of our HR associates--they are often the toughest people to satisfy--shared her story of how Maven helped her have the vaginal birth she wanted with her second child and avoid a C-section. Access to a Maven Doula was the absolute resource that enabled her to go into her provider’s office, share facts and data, ask intelligent questions, and push back. And in the end, she was able to deliver vaginally and she can say with 100% confidence that this outcome would not have been possible without Maven.” 

3. Enrollment and employee engagement are key to outcomes—and you really need word of mouth to help keep up the pace. 

If you have a beloved benefit that people openly talk about, you can crack this nut. For both benefits leaders, looking at how their employees are engaging and utilizing a benefit really helps them understand the impact they’re making and the value of the investment. 

Snapshots: Engagement & Enrollments 

  • 67,000 global employees, including 25,000 U.S. employees
  • 143% to target enrollment
  • 3,000+ appointments on Maven in last 3 months 
  • Maternity, Fertility & Egg Freezing have highest employee enrollments
“People come back to what they love, so engagement is really the metric I look at the most to understand whether we’re meeting our employees’ needs.” - Amy Broghammer
  • 2,000 global employees 
  • 100% to target enrollment
  • 8,600+ touchpoints on Maven 
  • Maternity, Fertility & Egg Freezing have highest employee enrollments
“Word of mouth about Maven is really growing among our employees--it frequently comes up in SoFi’s Slack channels with employees recommending others check out Maven or share how it helped them. And it just warms my heart to see it’s being embraced by so many different employees under so many different circumstances.” - Debbie Westover

Despite having different workforces in terms of size, industry, job types, and employee population, Amy and Debbie shared common reasons for turning to Maven when they were evaluating family benefits: supporting diversity and inclusion, improving talent retention and supporting parents through the return-to-work transition, providing global access, finding one end-to-end solution to meet diverse needs, and meeting employees where they are with a personalized program and human touch. 

Are these similar to your business priorities? Learn more about bringing Maven to your company here.

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