Supporting working parents with innovative family benefits took center stage earlier this month at the National Business Group on Health (NBGH) Workforce Strategy 2019 conference in San Diego. BuzzFeed’s Global Benefits Manager, Hannah Wilkowski, was featured on a panel discussing the company’s and employees’ experiences with Maven, alongside benefits leaders from Unum and SAP.

Human Resource Executive covered the panel, recapping some top moments and quotes shared by Wilkowski and the other panelists about family benefits solutions, why they are supporting employees who are or want to become parents, and and why it’s good business.

“As our employee demographics change, it is imperative for our benefits programs to adapt as well,” Wilkowski shared. “We wanted programs to support new parents as they are a growing population at Buzzfeed.”

“As our employee demographics change, it is imperative for our benefits programs to adapt as well.”
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During the panel, Wilkowski highlighted this and more about why Buzzfeed turned to Maven to meet the ever-evolving family benefits needs of their workforce. She shared: “[Maven really is] a haven for people who are going through parenting for the first time, second time, or if they’re exploring adoption—really wherever they are in their journey.”

Buzzfeed is setting a new standard in the war for millennial talent, and we love partnering with them to empower and support their employees on their paths to parenthood.

“All feedback has been positive, and most of it has been word-of-mouth, parents telling other parents about this offering,” Wilkowski adds.

Read more in Human Resource Executive.

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