“I work in sales and am always traveling. Maven Milk has enabled me to get my breast milk home to my baby easily and without fear that something might happen. I am so grateful to my company for giving me this benefit. I love Maven Milk!”

For Breastfeeding Awareness Month in August, we surveyed Maven’s members who use our breast milk shipping service, Maven Milk, to hear what they think and invite feedback. We’re excited to share the results, which tell us that we’re providing the stress-free, seamless support and positive experience we set out to.

Here’s how our members responded to our survey


of members say they want to breastfeed for 7-12 months, which means they need a solution for their return to work.


say they are using Maven Milk for work, while the other 9% have used Maven Milk for personal travel.


of respondents would recommend Maven Milk to a friend or colleague who is pumping and travels for their job.

Top reasons why members would recommend Maven Milk

  • Quick Shipping (30%)
  • Ease of Use (20%)
  • Keeps Breast Milk Cold (20%)
  • Size of Kits (10%)
  • Reusable (10%)
  • Easy Requesting (10%)

Top answers reported by members surveyed to the question: Why would you recommend Maven Milk to a colleague or friend who is pumping and traveling for work?

What is Maven Milk?

Maven’s easy-to-use breast milk shipping and travel kits empower working parents to continue on their nursing journey, improving health outcomes for baby and mom. Maven Milk does all the legwork for moms, delivering TSA-approved travel kits to hotels and shipping milk back home reliably and safely. We know breastfeeding can become an impossible feat when work requires time away from baby, and traveling with pumping kits and shipping breast milk are daunting tasks. Maven Milk is helping to solve those problems.

It’s also a source of support, holistic healthcare, and clinical guidance. With Maven Milk, members have a dedicated Care Advocate who helps choose and order the perfect kit for their needs, among other things. They also have unlimited, on-demand access to Lactation Consultants in Maven’s network at any hour of the day or night for support.

While the benefits of breast milk shipping for employees are quite clear, Maven Milk does more for your company than help you retain more working parents. Here’s how we drive outcomes for employers:

  • Lower lifetime healthcare costs: Breastfeeding decreases the risk of mothers developing breast and ovarian cancer, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and postpartum depression, according to the World Health Organization.
  • Fewer medical claims: Breast milk strengthens a child’s immune system and lowers his or her chances of developing allergies.
  • Increased productivity and engagement at work: Maven Milk reduces hours spent researching and arranging travel logistics, among other benefits.
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Here’s what members are saying about Maven Milk

We loved hearing from our members about the support and value we’re providing them through Maven Milk, and look forward to continuing to improve upon our member experience while partnering with companies to provide this service to more working, traveling, pumping all-stars who will benefit from it.

We’ll end with a few of our favorite member quotes from the survey.

“I couldn’t have extended my breastfeeding relationship without the help of Maven as a working and traveling mom.”
“It is an easy process to request the supplies, easy to use, and easy to ship. Maven Milk helps take away some of the stress of travel as a new mother. In addition, the milk arrived home within 24 hours.”
“[My Maven Care Advocate] emailed and stayed in contact with me through every step. And the second time around was a breeze!”
“Being away from my baby is hard enough, but Maven Milk has helped me feel less guilty. I’m still able to provide her with my breast milk and not worry myself about building up a freezer stash prior to my work trips. It’s an invaluable service and one I am so grateful for.”
“The kit made it very easy to ship overnight and milk remained cold until delivered.”

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