Lack of support for an emotional journey

Shock, disbelief, anger, shame, anxiety and depression. These are some of the emotions commonly experienced on the rollercoaster of infertility and its treatment—emotions that can intensify with every unsuccessful attempt to conceive. Indeed, research has shown that women facing infertility can suffer the same level of anxiety and depression as those with cancer or heart disease.  

Today, approximately 12% of women in childbearing years face difficulty getting pregnant or carrying a baby to term, and nearly half (40%) struggle with anxiety and depression. At the same time, getting support has never been harder. For employees already struggling to navigate fertility treatments while working, finding the energy and time to get mental health support, even from a fertility clinic that offers it, can prove challenging. And now, amidst a worsening shortage of mental health providers across the country, finding care is harder, too.

“I felt like I couldn’t show up a hundred percent to anything, let alone my job. It took a toll on me emotionally, physically, mentally, financially, and I got to a point where I was just sick all the time and thought something had to be seriously wrong.”   - Fertility patient

Black women face even more barriers to fertility care

Black women face even more barriers to getting mental health support during the fertility journey. Cultural expectations regarding self-reliance and privacy often discourage Black women from discussing fertility challenges at all. And for those who do seek support, finding a mental health provider that shares their racial background can prove especially difficult.

For employers, the gap in mental health support in fertility care poses a risk to employee well-being and productivity. It’s also a major opportunity to stand apart by providing employees a significantly better healthcare and benefits experience. That’s where Maven can help, filling in major gaps in traditional approaches to fertility benefits and care.

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How Maven helps employees facing infertility

Maven supports the member’s physical, emotional and financial health, extending far beyond fertility benefit point solutions focused purely on reimbursement. Here are 5 ways Maven improves the experience of employees and their partners facing infertility:

1. Personalized, coordinated care throughout the fertility journey 

Every fertility member is assigned a Maven Care Advocate who coordinates their care and provides personalized, empathetic support every step of the way, beginning with preconception care. Maven Care Advocates are trained to assess each member’s needs and recommend virtual visits with specialty care providers. They also provide referrals for high-quality in-person, in-network care.

"My Care Advocate is always so responsive and kind. This is such a deep emotional subject for a couple and having that level of empathy is so important.” - Maven Fertility member

2. Rapid 24/7/365 access to virtual mental health care  

Maven connects Fertility members with specialty care providers, including mental health clinicians who understand their unique situations. One third of appointments booked by Maven fertility members are with mental health clinicians. Nearly all (97%) Maven Fertility members report that Maven helped them cope with their fertility treatment process.

My care team on Maven is so professional, compassionate, and responsive. I’ve met with Reproductive Endocrinologists, Nutritionists, and Mental Health Specialists. My Care Advocate is fantastic. I’ve gotten answers to my questions within a matter of minutes.” - Maven Fertility member

3. Access to provider-reviewed content and community support

Maven Care Advocates guide employees and their partners to women’s and family health content and virtual classes based on their needs. Every piece of content is reviewed by clinical specialists, and all virtual classes are provider-led. Our community forums are moderated by providers to ensure information shared is clinically sound.

“Almost immediate responses every time, convenient, very helpful, and so many resources. Maven has been a lifesaver in navigating fertility issues but also the emotional support. I can’t even explain how important that’s been in my journey.” - Maven Fertility member 

4. Care Matching and culturally-humble care

Maven offers a diverse network of care providers and can match members with providers of the same background, promoting culturally-humble care and improving health equity. Maven providers work to understand each member’s unique life context—what makes them who they are—and apply that insight to provide personalized care that improves the healthcare experience and health outcomes.  

"I asked for an African-American therapist, and I think within a day my Care Advocate had a midwife for me to talk to and a therapist. I just felt more comfortable speaking to someone who was African-American, because sometimes I feel like I'm trying to be an advocate for myself and it's just still not working. But I always felt Maven was a safe space for me."                    - Maven Maternity member

5. Support for partners and all paths to parenthood

Studies show that stress not only can impact male fertility, but also that relationship quality suffers when a partner is depressed. Partners can access mental health providers through Maven, where they can find emotional support and learning resources for how to help their partner through the fertility journey and beyond. Maven also fully supports the emotional needs of single employees and LGBTQIA+ employees and their partners as they navigate complex and arduous adoption and surrogacy journeys.

Happier employees, happier HR teams

“Our employees love Maven! I get very passionate and excited when I talk about benefits—especially one like Maven that’s been very successful and embraced by our employees. And Maven has truly been a success story from day one. Our employees are so very appreciative of this program.”                                                                                                                           - Debbie Westover, Director of Benefits, SoFi

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