Cozen O’Connor offers inclusive, accessible family-building care through Maven Managed Benefit

Cozen O’Connor expands their suite of Maven products with Maven Managed Benefit to provide holistic clinical, emotional, and financial support to employees.


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of Fertility & Family Building members have signed up for Maven Managed Benefit


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“The Maven Managed Benefit program ticked all the boxes of what we’re looking for. It’s a hands-on approach where our employees have dedicated support to help them get the appropriate level of service, meet with the right providers, and understand the financial coverage available to them.”

Erin Bushnell,

Chief Human Resources Officer, Cozen O’Connor

The challenge

Cozen O’Connor strives to be on the cutting edge of benefits. They’ve offered their employees women’s and family health benefits through Maven since 2019. The partnership has continually expanded, providing employees support for their entire reproductive health journey into menopause and midlife.

Knowing the importance of financial support during fertility treatments, Cozen O’Connor originally offered fertility coverage through their medical plan. Employee feedback revealed that employees were not receiving comprehensive answers to their questions regarding coverage and the process wasn’t clear. It became apparent that this approach was adding a layer of confusion to an already emotionally challenging journey. 

Cozen O’Connor wanted to ensure their employees were getting accurate information, cost-saving alternatives, access to the highest quality clinics, seamless financial assistance for fertility care, and were able to easily navigate coverage when they needed it. 

The solution

With Maven’s already robust and trusted support for Fertility & Family Building, Maternity, Parenting & Pediatrics, and Menopause & Midlife programs, Cozen O'Connor looked to Maven to simplify the experience for employees when seeking financial support for fertility. 

With Maven Managed Benefit, Cozen O’Connor found the ideal solution. Employees could receive concierge-level support through a Maven care team to understand the family-building benefits available to them. They would have access to the highest quality clinics through Maven’s Performance Network and could see all upcoming costs and their benefit balance easily within the Maven app. Those who were in the process of receiving fertility treatments during the transition to Maven Managed Benefit would receive clear, proactive communication and support to ensure no lapses in care or financial coverage. 

Because Cozen O’Connor already offered the full suite of Maven programs, they knew that the care that employees received wouldn’t be limited to improved financial benefit administration. Through Maven Managed Benefit, employees would also receive holistic support before, during, and after their fertility journey, with the option to meet virtually with reproductive endocrinologists, adoption or surrogacy coaches, nutritionists, mental health specialists, and more. Comprehensive care would seamlessly continue with Maven’s other programs, supporting them during their pregnancy, after birth, when raising their children, and through menopause and midlife. 

The results

Since the Maven Managed Benefit launch in January 2024, Cozen O’Connor has heard positive feedback from employees who highlight how Maven’s dedicated Care Advocates have been instrumental in helping them understand and make use of their fertility and family-building benefits.

Since its launch, over half of Cozen O’Connor employees in the Fertility & Family Building program have signed up for financial support through Maven Managed Benefit. 70% of reimbursements have covered fertility treatments and 30% have covered egg freezing services.

The care management received through Maven’s digital platform continues to be highly rated, with a nearly perfect provider satisfaction score of 4.99 out of 5. The benefits offered through Maven have been instrumental in framing Cozen O’Connor as a leading legal employer by reinforcing the family-friendly culture they foster, encouraging employees to bring their full selves to work, and helping improve employee attraction and retention. 

“At Cozen O’Connor, we meet our employees where they are. Maven is not just a program for pregnant women—it’s a program for employees trying to start families, for those caring for families, and for employees experiencing perimenopause and menopause. It’s really comprehensive and can support our employees through so many life stages.”

Erin Bushnell,

Chief Human Resources Officer, Cozen O’Connor

Cozen O’Connor offers inclusive, accessible family-building care through Maven Managed Benefit

Whether you're evaluating for your self-insured, fully-insured, or Medicaid markets, demand for comprehensive, equitable benefits is growing—and each market segment has their unique challenges.


of LGBTQIA+ professionals won’t work for a company without LGBTQIA+-friendly benefits


of employees are expanding or planning to expand their families


estimated cost of health inequities, leading to $43B in excess medical cost and productivity loss annually


report that menopause interferes with work weekly

Sources: Fortune, State of Family Health Benefits Report, KFF, AARP