For some people, there’s a belief that you should only seek out a therapist if you’re dealing with big issues. But nothing could be further from the truth. If you’re struggling to decide if it’s time to schedule a session with a therapist, ask yourself these four questions:

“Am I stuck?”

“I'll often see patients who have been in the same mental place for months,” says Maven Mental Health Provider Cynthia Coffelt. “They’re having difficulty making either a specific decision or any decisions in terms of moving forward with their life.” If you’re feeling like you’re spinning your wheels, it may be time to bring in another perspective who can motivate you. 

“Do I have the right support network?”

If you do, that’s fantastic and your friends and family can be the first people you tap when you need support during tough times. But if you don’t have a strong circle you can turn to, advice to just “lean on your friends” may not be helpful. “Not everyone has a good friend or a close family member or someone they can confide in, which is really difficult,” Coffelt says. Having someone you can trust is critical to not feeling alone. Even if you do have family and friends ready to step in, they may not have the expertise to see you through particular issues. That’s when a pro can come in handy.

“Have I been feeling down for a little too long?”

It’s normal to feel sad from time to time. But when stress, anxiety, or depression turn chronic and you can’t seem to shake the blues even after the immediate stressor is gone, it may be time to see a therapist who can help you develop coping strategies.

“Do I need help getting through a crisis?”

A bad breakup, death of a loved one, or an unexpected layoff can all be reasons you may need more support. Use that moment as your way in the door to start down a healthier, happier path.

Want to talk about it?

It can be intimidating to seek help, we get it. If you're feeling down or just not like yourself, know that we're here for you.

With Maven you can: 

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  • Find clinically-vetted mental health resources 
  • Talk to your own dedicated Care Advocate and create a personalized plan for your mental health journey 

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