SAN FRANCISCO AND NEW YORK – March 14, 2018 – Digital health clinic Maven, announces a new partnership with leading health navigation platform provider, Castlight Health, that will enable Castlight customers to easily integrate Maven into their benefits platform. Castlight’s unique partner ecosystem provides a two-way integration for a unified and seamless user experience to Maven’s complete family benefits platform. Together, Maven Clinic and Castlight are helping employees navigate the complexities of healthcare, and employers to save on costs and retain talent as families’ transition into the exciting and often challenging world of parenthood.
Maven supports parents and employers at every stage of having a child: from fertility, to pregnancy, to postpartum, to when they return to work. For employees, Maven provides comprehensive support via its digital care management programs, including fertility, egg freezing, miscarriage, adoption, surrogacy, pregnancy, postpartum and return-to-work support. Maven’s concierge service matches employees with a dedicated 24/7 Care Coordinator who personally guides families through their unique benefit offerings, as well as helps bridge in-person and online care. Through Maven’s on-demand digital clinic, families can video chat or private message with a highly curated practitioner network of fertility, pregnancy and postpartum specialists, including OB-GYNs, pediatricians, nurse practitioners, maternal mental health providers, physical therapists, nutritionists, career coaches, lactation consultants and more.

For employers, Maven adds value to their bottom line by increasing employee productivity and engagement and enabling them to attract and retain key millennial talent, as well as help them reinforce a family-friendly benefits culture. As part of its return-to-work program, Maven also offers management training and manager resources on how to systematize a culture that better supports working parents.

Castlight empowers employees with the information they need to make informed healthcare decisions throughout the entire health journey—whether they are healthy, seeking medical care or chronically ill. Castlight’s health navigation platform is the first to offer a full range of total wellbeing capabilities, care guidance tools, and an engagement hub in a single platform. Castlight's partner ecosystem now has over 50 different vendors pre-integrated with its platform. For employers, this means simplified and streamlined procurement, contracting and implementation.

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“We’re pleased to partner with Castlight to help further our mission of advancing women in the workforce and making it easier for parents to start and grow a family during a critical time in their careers,” said Katherine Ryder, CEO and founder of Maven. “Maven and Castlight’s integration provides employers and employees with a one-stop-shop that eases the stress of navigating family planning, pregnancy, parenthood, and the return to work—as well as everything in-between.”

“Through our partnership with Maven, our customers now have access to one of the best maternity and family benefits solutions on the market,” said Molly Andruszkiewicz, senior director of business development at Castlight Health. “At Castlight, we are always looking for innovative digital health solutions to meet the needs of our customers, and we are excited to add Maven to our growing ecosystem.”

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