“Women and families should be at the center of healthcare models. If you improve their care, you improve the system.” - Maven Founder & CEO Kate Ryder at HLTH 2019

What a week it was at HLTH! Maven loved being part of the excitement as 6,000 attendees from all different facets of the healthcare industry and other diverse sectors came together to discuss the future of healthcare. Our team returned energized from the many engaging and insightful conversations about comprehensive family benefits, virtual health, inclusive support for diverse paths to parenthood, and women in healthcare.

Maven’s CEO and Founder Kate Ryder took the stage for a panel moderated by Tina Reed, FierceHealthcare’s Executive Editor, called “Cooking Up Winning Care Models: The Evolution of Traditional Care Settings,” alongside other leaders who are working to fill gaps in traditional healthcare through innovative, high-touch models: Sachin Jain, President and CEO of CareMore Health, Tom X Lee of Galileo, and Chris Miller of Paladina Health.

In the spirit of making sure that all of the critical conversations that happened in Vegas do not stay in Vegas, we wanted to share a few of the top learnings and takeaways that Maven’s team are sharing back from HLTH.

Let’s all focus on getting more women leaders in healthcare.  

What a fantastic way to kickoff the conference with a dive into Oliver Wyman’s new survey on women in healthcare leadership. While women make 80% of buying and usage decisions in healthcare, a whopping 87% of C-suite executives in the industry are men. This theme of closing the gender gap in healthcare was common throughout HLTH. This gap is one of the key reasons why Maven was founded: to develop a healthcare solution that puts women and families at the center—something that our Founder & CEO Kate Ryder emphasized in her panel at HLTH.

Technology should never replace human touch.

It was great to build so many conversations around keeping healthcare human while continuing to spearhead meaningful technological advancement. One theme discussed by quite a few panelists stands out because it’s so fundamental to our approach: technology should complement, not replace, human care. We love being part of conversations around how to better bridge digital health and in-person care to drive outcomes, lower costs, improve patient experiences, and ensure continuity of care.

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Employers are innovators in the health benefits landscape.

We’re excited to see the shift to framing and recognizing employers, HR benefits leaders, and brokers as “innovators” in the health benefits landscape. We see this innovative thinking and interest in pushing healthcare options that are ahead of the curve in working with employers every day. Their commitment to keep up with the latest innovations in order to deliver the best possible care to their employees inspires us, and it’s nice to see the industry more broadly recognizing their forward-thinking.

Culturally-sensitive care matters.

One of the themes that emerged quite a bit through panels and conversations is an emphasis on culturally-sensitive care for people around the world, but also state-by-state in the U.S. Variations in culture ranging from norms to technological adoption to access to key services or traditional experiences in the healthcare system are critical for healthcare solutions to dive into. As a family benefits solution working with parents and employers all over the world and across the states, delivering culturally-sensitive care is absolutely critical and something we’re constantly working to improve upon through our Care Advocates and the providers in our virtual network.  

As we continue working toward our mission of transforming women’s and family healthcare by providing end-to-end family benefits solutions that support any path to parenthood, we look forward to continuing to meet in these amazing spaces with clinical thought leaders, doctors, employers, health plans, investors, other digital health companies, and more.

If you missed us at HLTH, we’d still love to speak with you! Reach out now to learn more about Maven.  

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