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Fertility benefits: what to actually cover and how to build them

With all of the fertility solutions available today, you’re probably being pulled in many different directions. But what are your employees looking for? Here’s a guide to help you cut through the noise and provide the best fertility benefit for your organization.

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Fertility benefits are a key differentiator in attracting talent

Think personalized—not one size fits all

Fertility is more top-of-mind for your employees than ever before. But how they’re building their families couldn’t be more diverse. Learn what it takes to build a fertility benefit that supports the needs of all your employees. Download the cheat sheet to find out how you can make you can make the case for digital family benefits to lead to happier, healthier, and more loyal employees, and lower healthcare costs.


of millennials would change jobs to ensure they have fertility coverage


of employees who received fertility coverage from their employer felt more loyal and committed to them


of LGBTQIA+ people plan to use assisted reproductive technology (ART), surrogacy, or adoption to expand their families


of top-ranked workplaces offer reimbursement for fertility care

Maven supports all women and families

Maven is the world’s largest virtual clinic for women’s and family health. Its unique care model enables employers and health plans to improve clinical outcomes and lower maternity-related costs, empowering parents to grow their families while growing their careers. Founded in 2014 by CEO Katherine Ryder, Maven has been recognized as Fast Company’s #1 Most Innovative Health Company. Maven has supported over 5 million women and families, and raised $90 million in funding from leading investors like Sequoia Capital, Oak HC/FT Partners, Icon Ventures, and Female Founders Fund.

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