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4 key ways to improve workforce well-being

With anxiety high around returning to the office, now’s the time to build employee trust and think long term about your company’s mental health strategy.

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Mental health is top of mind for your employees

What is your company doing to address it?

Even before the pandemic, 1 in 5 adults struggled with mental health issues—and that number is only rising. How your company responds will be critical to not only building employee trust but retaining your workforce. With only 55% of employees feeling like their employer truly cares about them, it’s time to listen to your team’s needs and take action.

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of adults reported feeling anxious or depressed in February 2021


of employees say they experienced high-to-extreme stress over the past year


of employees say the thought of returning to the office brings some level of anxiety


the cost per employee per year in lost productivity and absenteeism for untreated depression

Maven supports all women and families

Maven is the world’s largest virtual clinic for women’s and family health. Its unique care model enables employers and health plans to improve clinical outcomes and lower maternity-related costs, empowering parents to grow their families while growing their careers. Founded in 2014 by CEO Katherine Ryder, Maven has been recognized as Fast Company’s #1 Most Innovative Health Company. Maven has supported over 5 million women and families, and raised $90 million in funding from leading investors like Sequoia Capital, Oak HC/FT Partners, Icon Ventures, and Female Founders Fund.

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